This site is the brain child of Grandma Pepper, a typical example of today’s grandma.  She possesses a degree in Business Administration from a ranking University, has three beautiful children, and so far three, make that five in this update, equally as beautiful grandchildren.

Grandma Pepper has enjoyed almost every lifetime “high” imaginable, and like everyone else, has dealt with more than her share of lifetime “lows”.

She tries to live by the “Ten Commandments” and believes firmly that God put us on this earth to be happy.  Quick to laugh, she’ll tell you that her sense of humor has played a vital role in her almost unreal ability to find a silver lining around the grey clouds of life.

The picture on this page is really her holding little Katarina on her birth day.  Grandma Pepper, a product of the fifties and sixties, is quick to defend the good things about those times, but equally as quick to point out influences from that time which plague us today as well.  Full of common-sense, and equipped with a lifetime of educational experiences her own grandmothers were unable to enjoy, you will appreciate her tough love, her business and political insight.  Yes, she even served in public office.

You’ll love her fattening recipes, as well as the ones she shares which are actually healthy.  Like her own mother, Grandma Pepper knows “you are what you eat”.  You’ll love Grandpa’s grilling section too.

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Yours truly,

The gang at Talk to Grandma