cars,driving,free,old,babyboomers,independence,driveGrandma was just sitting in her kitchen chair this morning, thrilled about receiving her first IBD newspaper in several years and it hit me with a double whammy. . . do you realize we will be the first generation of elders who will likely be able to keep their cars and their independence for as long as we can get up and walk to it?!?

They will drive us wherever we want to go.  It will be like having your own Uber car in the garage and we can go when we want or need to go without have to inconvenience our family or friends.  We can travel the country and plan trips we want to plan and can read or just watch the scenery as we go.

I haven’t been this excited since I was six years old and learned how to ride my bike without trainer wheels. We are free and will remain so.  Just imagine the possibilities.  Start saving for your last car now!!

The Best Things In Life Are Still Free


You’ve probably observed the constellations and some planets, enjoyed a bright moon and even witnessed a shooting star on occasion. If you

An absolutely crystal clear and striking picture taken from outer space of a ringed planet


keep up with the information from some space websites, you can even find schedules  to catch a glimpse of communication satellites or the International Space Station. Many great wonders in the night sky are available to your eyes if you decide to take on astronomy as a pastime.

You don’t need access to a local planetarium, although that can provide you with a great show, Read the rest of this entry