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You’ve probably observed the constellations and some planets, enjoyed a bright moon and even witnessed a shooting star on occasion. If you

An absolutely crystal clear and striking picture taken from outer space of a ringed planet


keep up with the information from some space websites, you can even find schedules  to catch a glimpse of communication satellites or the International Space Station. Many great wonders in the night sky are available to your eyes if you decide to take on astronomy as a pastime.

You don’t need access to a local planetarium, although that can provide you with a great show, Read the rest of this entry

Woodworking Gives Feelings of Accomplishment

Loft bed with desk over a full size bed below

Loft and Full Size Bed

Woodworking requires some skill in making items or parts from wood.  But you don’t have to be a professional.  Many men and women enjoy woodworking as a hobby to create high-quality projects forinside the house or in the yard.  No technical school training is necessary.  You simply learn by using tools and equipment and practicing your techniques.

You may read publications, look for ideas online or attend a workshop to become better acquainted with the art of woodworking.  But it’s the love for the craft that helps you understand the materials and utensils to make fine furniture, bookshelves, mantelpieces or pleasant projects to add comfort and cheer to the home.

Practice makes perfect. Start out practicing on plastic jugs or scraps of

Loft Bed with desk underneath and stairs with drawers up to the top.

Loft Bed with Desk and Stairs

wood before moving on to tight grain wood, softwoods or plywood.  You’ll learn to use various hand tools to help master your growing skills. Soon you’ll be making projects that become fun while providing something special or even essential to the home for you and your family.  You might become so specialized you’ll begin to appreciate portable power tools, cordless drills, circular saws, and jigsaws to build or repair your favorite cabinets or furniture pieces.  You might even become a pro and make projects for your friends and acquaintances.

If you’re starting woodworking as a hobby, you don’t need high-cost specialized or advanced tools.  With basic woodworking tools, you can build yourself shelves, book cases, tables, small cabinets, or quick additions you may need for the bedroom or spare room.  Handy items you may already have include a tape measure, ruler or yardstick, a hand-held saw, sandpaper for smoothing surfaces, pen or pencil to mark specific measurements or

Loft bed with desk and stairs with drawers and sleeps three.

Perfect for Sleep Overs

designs, a screwdriver, screws, bolts, hammer, and nails.

Want to make a loft bed?  Get a piece of plywood, 2 x 6 and 4 x 4 wood pieces, lag bolts and screws.  To build a box about the size of a twin mattress, use 2 x 6s for the sides and cover with a piece of plywood to form the base.  Use drywall screws to connect the plywood two feet apart.  Choose a height for the loft and cut 4 x 4 pieces for posts under the box, attaching with lag bolts. Use one-inch thick wood slats for a ladder, placing them about a foot apart and sloping at 60 degrees.  Attach the ladder to the bed with screws.