Thanksgiving,granddaddy,grandma,1958,fifties,memoriesIt was another beautiful sunny day in the south for Grandma. Today, I began my planning for our Thanksgiving dinner. This year there will be 13 of us, and I am so looking forward to seeing two of my grand babies and their mommy (my daughter) and their daddy.

Right now my memory takes me back in time to my Grandma’s house where we spent every Thanksgiving I can remember. That’s them in the picture on the left. This shot was taken in the later Fifties, I believe.

Grandma always made a wonderful meal of roast turkey and corn bread stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy and, of course, her special candied yams.  Delicious.

She always made the best, I mean the best, pumpkin pie too.  I’ll never forget how awful I felt the year I had a second piece of that pumpkin pie.  I imagine I was about 10 or 12 and that second piece made me feel so bad, I think it was almost 20 years before I could even stand the thought of a piece of pumpkin pie.  Thank goodness, this passed.

Back to the present now and I will be very busy the next couple of weeks getting ready for my most favorite company. . .  my family.  Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

God Bless,


Asking for Help Makes the Easter Get Together Much More Fun


Does the host or hostess of a gathering ever have time to enjoy themselves? They put so much work into making a great time for others

Easter Eggs with bright colors, circles, lines, stripes and a Happy Easter wish.

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter

that they often don’t have the chance to sit down and admire the job they’re doing as host.  This Easter, delegate some responsibilities.  This will free up some of your time – and help others take part in the celebration.

There’s a lot to do before an Easter party, particularly if you are having a large number of people or children to your home. Start with help from the get-go.  What is the most common response when you extend an invite for a family dinner or gathering?  Typically, it’s “What can I bring?”  And your response may typically be, “Oh nothing! Just bring yourself.” Change your response to, “Sure!  Bring dessert.”  Or a side dish or an appetizer or drinks.  Whatever it is, take people up on their offers.  It means less work for you, and it also allows others to have a sense of “ownership” in the event.

Next, have a few adults or older children help with things like Easter egg hunts. You will also want to get some supplies, activities, and movies ready for small children to keep them entertained and happy throughout the day.  It helps if you do not have to do the entertainment as

Easter Chicks wearing little pink easter bonnets.

"I Could Write a Sonnet About Your Easter Bonnet"

well as all the other hosting duties.

Let others help after the meal – this is when the real work starts! Have someone clear the table, another start the coffee and get dessert ready, put food away, wash dishes, or take out the trash.  Most hosts do not want to ask their guests to do any work – but most guests are perfectly willing to do so!  They often feel better when they take a little work off your shoulders, so it’s only polite to accept help!