donald-j-trump-right-man-this-time-in-history_11-09-16Today is a day I’ve waited for a long, long time —

This morning, very early this morning, we were given a new President. His name is Donald J. Trump.  He’s an ordinary, but extraordinary man all at once.

Politics is funny to me. . .   It seems at times “up” is “down” and “left” is “right”.  I guess the battle for power  has always been this way.

Power is a concept that can be used for good or evil.  My sense is; despite what some say and write, this Donald J. Trump is, at his core, a good man.  Today, at least, I can say I’m glad to give him a chance.

As a child, I always thought people were pretty much the same.  They laughed, they cried, they loved, and at times they hated.  That’s just the way people are. . .  all of them.  Seems to me, the overwhelming majority of us are good.  That’s right, good.

There have significant changes in my lifetime; some good, some not.  As a “baby boomer”, I’ve seen the grit and the good we’re made of as well as some mistakes we’ve made along the way.  From time to time, I may share my perspective on those things in the hope you’ll find them historically interesting and maybe even enlightening.

God Bless,




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