Quit Smoking For Yourself – No One Can Do It for You

Set a quit date to start your new year as a nonsmoker. Let family members, friends and co-workers know. This will provide you with motivation and

Crystal ashtray full to the brim with cigarette butts

The Decor of the Smoker

support. You may be surprised by the encouragement you receive, especially from people who do not like being around smoke. The backing from folks around you increases your chances of success.

Begin to change your routine to cut down on your smoking before your smokeless life starts. Change your habits of smoking during certain times or at places where you usually smoked. If you enjoy having a cigarette with coffee in the morning, practice having a cup without smoking. Avoid smoking in your car or in places where you automatically light up. Let it go for a while and save that cigarette till later. The more areas or times you cut back on smoking, the easier it will be to quit permanently.

Spend a lot of time at restaurants, movies, libraries, museums, malls or public places where smoking is not allowed. Start hanging out with non-smokers or find new friends who do not smoke. Let them know of your plans and they can help keep you busy. Get involved with physical activities. Ask for suggestions from family, friends and co-workers. Exercise keeps you occupied and aids you during your first days as a non-smoker.

As your quit day approaches, or when you quit smoking, get rid of ashtrays, cigarettes or any remnants of smoking in your house, in your car or near

Exaggerated large cigarette butt being extinguished

Putting Out the Last Big Butt

your workplace. Clean your house, car and work area. The activity feels good and you won’t have the smell of smoke around to remind you of bad times.

Whether you’re getting ready to quit or have already quit, use substitutions for cigarettes. Replace your old habit with toothpicks, licorice, lollipops, hard candy, chewing gum or even a straw. Keep healthy snacks available, including trail mix, fruit, carrot sticks or a favorite item.

You may have to stay away from smoking friends or establishments that remind you of smoking for a while. But you’ll make yourself an example and can help a friend quit later on.

Don’t forget to treat yourself when you quit and reward yourself from time to time with a nice dinner out or a product you always wanted. You will find you have the extra money to spend on yourself and others. Your sense of smell and taste will return. Healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, will start tasting a lot better.

The physical benefits of giving up smoking begin immediately, according to the National Cancer Institute. Your heart and blood pressure rates return to normal within minutes after having your last cigarette. You will add more healthy years to your life. Even people who quit smoking at age 60 live longer on average than people who continue to smoke.




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