How To Take Back Our Financial System

Recently, I read a book that I recommend to everyone, but be forewarned it will be most helpful for you to be a bit of a nerd as we used to say. In a nutshell, this is a rather dry book, but the information contained within

Graphical representation of a torn dollar forming the downward trend in the US dollar's purchasing power during the 20th century

The "Fed" Effect on the Value of the Dollar 1900 - 2000

is priceless. Its title is, “A History of Money and Banking in the United States”, by Murray N. Rothbard. I was motivated to buy this book after having borrowed a CD from my brother on the history of the Federal Reserve and listening to it on the way home from our last visit.

Since then, especially given all we hear and read about today, I have wrestled with how to explain this system, both the banking and politics of it to others who love this country but are interested in neither politics nor banking. Then today, the video below arrived in my email like an answer to my prayers.

Without a doubt, while this will take a few minutes of your time, it is the best explanation I have seen to date of our recent banking collapse, the debt politics of today, inflation, the Federal Reserve, and how they are all intertwined.

Please, take a few moments and watch this animated explanation of what is really happening. I doubt it will surprise you, but perhaps it will help for those of us who know the outbursts we are seeing in this country are surreal. In this a country of people who are ordinarily and historically kind, compassionate, reasonable, thinking people. Folks who, regardless of their station in life, understand, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”.