Garlic has made a name for itself by fighting off vampires. Whether or not there is any truth to that legend, garlic contains

Pictured is the garlic plant in full bloom with its delicate white flowers

Garlic Plant in Full Bloom

properties that may provide heart benefits, protection from cancer and defense against viral infection. Known as “the stinking rose” because of positive attributes that come with a pungent odor through the skin and on the breath, garlic has enormous healthful advantages and there are ways to deal with the odor.

First, garlic makes a flavorful addition when chopped and included in pasta meals, vegetable dishes, beef, poultry, fish and other food choices. Its pleasant taste is immediately noticeable and its powerful ingredients apparent. Indeed, if you’ve ever finished off a nice Italian meal that featured garlic rolls or bread, you can sometimes just feel the garlic ooze out of your blood and into the skin. Its strength may explain the powers it has to fight disease.

This strength may help keep blood vessels open. Garlic holds the promise of preventing arterial damage with age to combat hardening of the arteries that leads to heart disease. Garlic may reduce the so-called “bad” cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol, in the blood that forms plaques in the arteries. It may also improve levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, which cleans the bloodstream of excess cholesterol, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Garlic contains allicin, a compound that may have antiviral properties. People who include garlic in their regular diets often avoid common colds or recover from colds faster than others. Garlic also provides antioxidants that fight free radicals, which cause cell damage to leads to cancer and other diseases. The ingredients in garlic may boost immunity to protect the body.

Because it tastes great and offers wonderful health benefits, how is a person supposed to enjoy garlic while worrying about bad breath or body odor? Fresh parsley may be one remedy that gets rid of the breath. Garlic recipes often include parsley, including garlic butter used to spread on garlic bread. Chewing on cardamom seeds has been known to avoid bad breath from garlic. Gargling or sipping lemon juice is another

Pictured is a partially opened pod of garlic full of medium to large size cloves

Fresh Garlic Pod with Separating Cloves

method. Of course, mouthwash and brushing and flossing your teeth after a meal also help.

Lemon juice may also work when rubbed on your hands to reduce the odor that comes from the skin. Some people preparing garlic in meals wash their hands with soap and water afterwards and rub them along stainless steel faucets or utensils. The sulfur in garlic is believed to rub off on the steel.

The Key to Success and Good Health


Positive thinking is contagious and can produce encouraging results for society at large and in your personal life. The negativity and fears

Positive thinking is the key to success and good health and is symbolized in this picture by a hand holding a key to sky with sunshine gleaming off the key.

The Key to Success and Good Health

brought on by ominous news events often get transformed into favorable and optimistic behaviors. This occurs in widespread fashion. Even the too-often negative movies from Hollywood take a positive turn with such inspiring films as “The King’s Speech,” “The Grace Card” and last year’s “The Blind Side,” a best picture nominee that won an Oscar for Sandra Bullock as a strong and determined mom.


It’s no wonder. Positive thinking not only boosts healthy attitudes and outlooks, but it also results in people’s physical improvements. Just as negativity places obstacles in a person’s ability to overcome adversity, thinking positively generates optimism to affect mental health and well-being.

A positive thinker deals better with everyday stresses in life and copes productively with hardships. The Mayo Clinic recommends putting a positive spin anytime negative thoughts arise. Instead of thinking things are going to get worse, switch your thinking to ways of accomplishing tasks and having faith in those around you. This optimistic view changes your behavior and the reactions of people you know to help improve situations. It even plays a part in spreading good thoughts to trigger a chain of hope and cheer.

Some experts theorize positive thinking can ward off serious diseases and even the common cold by boosting the immune system. Though not yet proven, some studies provide evidence. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin analyzed the antibodies of subjects given flu shots during a 2003 study. The volunteers were given tasks that caused negative emotional reactions. Researchers found increased activity in the region of the brain that weakened the subjects’ immune response to the vaccine.

Pictured is a reverse black and white sign reminding you that you can do only what you think you can do.

You Are Able to Do Exactly What You Think You Can

Other studies have found people with optimistic views have better functioning immune cells than those with negative views.

People who suffer from anxiety or depression improve with the help of therapy that focuses on positive thinking. Psychotherapy teaches patients to turn their negative thoughts, which often spark depressive moods and anxiety disorders, into more positive thinking patterns. They learn to understand what causes their negative feelings and how positive emotions bring about better views on situations and improved behavior.