Aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen may knock out a temporary headache. But if tension, chemical imbalances, disruption in your life and other problems cause you frequent headaches, a simple change in lifestyle plays a proactive role in avoiding unnecessary pain.

Repeated headaches are probably caused by a number of things

My Head Is Splitting

A cup of coffee is often cited as a remedy for a headache. Caffeine may provide moderate pain relief, but excess intake of caffeine can cause headaches. If you’re drinking three or more cups a day and find you suffer from regular headaches, try cutting down on the coffee or eventually eliminating it. Start drinking decaffeinated coffee or herbal teas. Watch out for caffeine in sodas, chocolate and even some medications if you’re searching for a headache culprit.

Regular physical activity can prevent the onset of headaches. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that exercise helps block pain signals to the brain. Try easy exercises, such as walking or biking, for 20 to 30 minutes a day on most days of the week. You can work your way up to moderate or vigorous workouts and find you’re no longer stricken by unexpected headaches.

Stress management plays a key role in reducing headaches because stress often causes the problem. Managing stress may seem difficult, but it’s just a matter of managing your time better. Schedule your work and chores and do no more or less than you have to. The job doesn’t necessarily get done by working faster — only by working better and more efficiently. Take breaks when you feel tired or stressed.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by problems at work or issues at home, find a quiet place to sit or lie down. This is a good time to try meditation. Close your eyes for a few minutes and picture yourself in a calm, peaceful environment, such as a beach or near a lake. Imagine you can hear the sounds and smell the surroundings as if you are actually there. Meditation and yoga instructors often recommend this method of visualization to relax your body and clear your mind.

Avoid eating in a hurry or on the go. Even during stressful periods, find the time to enjoy your meals in a calm environment without conflicts that trigger or worsen headaches. Eat small, frequent meals during the day rather than heavy lunches or dinners. Smaller meals digest quickly and avoid digestive problems than can result in headaches later on. Drink plenty of water throughout day to avoid dehydration. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches.

Stay Young with Exercise, Weight Loss, and Yoga

Want to rid yourself of the side effects of aging?   The multi-million dollar anti-aging industry promises you that shots of human growth hormones,

estrogen creams, sleep induced supplements, herbal preparations and progesterone or testosterone gels to improve your libido will make you feel

Woman remains still as physcian injects botox in the area of her face between her eyebrows.

Expensive Injections Every Three Months - Ouch!

younger and more energetic to restore your youth.

Although you might think you can prevent age-related diseases, improve sleep, lose weight, gain muscle mass and boost your sex drive, many anti-aging products are unproven.  According to Arlene Weintraub, the title of her book,  “Selling the Fountain of Youth: How the Anti-Aging Industry Made a Disease Out of Getting Old – and Made Billions” says it all.
Estrogen products may even increase risks of cancer and stroke.  Some wrinkle creams and Botox have been FDA approved.  But even they contain warnings on their labels about potential health hazards.  Many medical experts believe it is only safe to take anti-aging regimens in small doses over a short period of time.  Check out reputable websites, such as the FDA or the

Before and after weight loss tells it all as she has noticably lost at least 45 pounds.

Before and After - WOW!

National Women’s Health Network to find out the safety of anti-aging products.

Aside from approved products and cosmetic surgery, which improves physical appearance, it may be best to focus on natural anti-aging solutions. Diet, exercise and lifestyle routines provide you energy and youthful vigor you need. Feeling old is often a feeling of fatigue.  It may be caused by not eating right or staying active.

Elderly couple having a wonderful time and exercising too while bicycling.

Bicycling: Feeling Like a Kid Again

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet, low in fat and calories, avoids tiredness and sleeping difficulties.  Developing a healthy eating pattern improves sleep to feel more energetic as you wake up and throughout the day.  Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and physical activity for as little as 30 minutes a day boosts your energy levels. Excess pounds only increase your feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Avoid stress and anxiety in your life through stress-management techniques. Stress and anxiety are often natural occurrences from time to time.  Although it may seem difficult to avoid tension through stress-management

Eighty plus lady seems suspended in air while practicing yoga.

Eighty Plus and Going Strong!

techniques, anti-stress methods can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

Take necessary break periods during difficult times and go for a brisk walk or do some bike riding.  Daily exercises can be that simple.  Enjoy yoga or meditation classes with friends.  Practice these meditative exercises on your own at home to relieve stress.  Aromatherapy, massage or just listening to soft music can provide calming effects that reduce stress and anxiety.   Natural solutions bring natural anti-aging benefits.
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