Summer Fun and Sunburn Pain: Dangers and Remedies for too Much Sun


There is something a bit pleasant about going into the yard on one of the first nice spring days and feeling the sun on your skin.  A slight “color in

Cartoon image of a man who is as red as a lobster and obviously on fire from his sunburn.


your face” can make you feel like winter is finally behind you.  But there is nothing pleasant about sunburns, melanoma, or the leather handbag appearance you skin can take on after a lifetime in the sun.  How can you enjoy the sun but avoid the burn?

A sunburn occurs when your skin is exposed to too much UV radiation.  It is the skin’s way of saying that you need to keep out of the sun.  Tans, while we may find them attractive, are simply visible skin damage.  The body knows that these damaged cells need to go before they are allowed to run amok and develop into cancer. Read the rest of this entry